Write a vertical poem: Chalkboard Acronyms

Anyone who can write a list can write a poem! Chalkboard Acronyms are list-poems that start when you write a word vertically, then you write a word or phrase starting with each letter of the vertical word. For example: Rigorous Attractive Magnificent Students Choose one of the following or create your own! FSU  WRITE DPACContinue reading “Write a vertical poem: Chalkboard Acronyms”

Say it with a sticky-note: Six Word Memoirs

A perennial favorite activity at past National Day on Writing celebrations has been our Six Word Memoir sticky-note wall. (CLICK HERE for a gallery from past years.) Can you write the story of your entire life in six words? This is not exaggerated: how can you express your entire life, or a significant period inContinue reading “Say it with a sticky-note: Six Word Memoirs”

Where I Write: Instagram Photos

Where do you write your papers, your stories, your essays, your poems? Show us where the inspiration happens, let us into your space, and see where FSU faculty, staff, and students write. There are two ways to contribute: If you have an Instagram account, post a picture with the hashtags #WhereIWrite and #RamsWrite (and tagContinue reading “Where I Write: Instagram Photos”

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