Live to the Truth, entry 2

The second entry to our “Live to the Truth” writing contest comes from Sara Hughes. Feel free to comment and “like” Sara’s poem using the interactive functions at the end of this post. To see other entries in this contest (or to submit your own), CLICK HERE. Pacing steps have me fumbling Meandering, lack turnedContinue reading “Live to the Truth, entry 2”

“Live to the Truth” entry 1

The first entry in our “Live to the Truth” writing contest comes from Scott McCarthy. Feel free to “Like” and/or comment on Scott’s poem by scrolling down and using the interactive features at the bottom of this post…and if Scott’s poem leaves you feeling inspired, feel free to submit your own entry. A Bit ofContinue reading ““Live to the Truth” entry 1″

Writing Contest: “Live to the Truth” in verse or prose

Our founding motto at Framingham State University is “live to the truth,” and that sentiment feels especially urgent today. What does “live to the truth” mean to you? What does it look like at FSU? In our communities? Our country?  Using the phrase “live to the truth” at least once, please submit a poem (max.Continue reading “Writing Contest: “Live to the Truth” in verse or prose”

Writing Contest: Instagram Captions

While some say a picture is worth a thousand words, captions frame the way we think about images.  Choose one (or more!) of the Instagram images (taken by our own Dr. Lorianne DiSabato) linked below, and write your caption in a comment. Remember that the best captions are concise and clear. Be sure to “like”Continue reading “Writing Contest: Instagram Captions”

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